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World Map Of Spira


Here are the Final Fantasy X Aeons.



Description: Valefor is a large winged creature that's great at avoiding ground-based attacks. He is the first aeon Yuna receives on her quest to be High Summoner.

Special Move: Sonic Wings

Damages and delays your opponents' turns.

Overdrive: Energy Cannon

Valefor will build up a beam of energy at its beak, then fire it, causing non-elemental damage to all enemies. This will also hit flying enemies.

Overdrive: Energy Blast

Energy Blast is a much more powerful version of the Energy Cannon overdrive. Go to the girl in Besaid next to her dog, talk to her, and you'll recieve "something mangled and slobbery" which will teach Valefor this overdrive.

How to Break Damage Limit: Obtain Yuna's ultimate weapon, the Nirvana.

Valefor's Location: Received in Besaid Temple.

Valefor's Initial Abilities: Fire, Thunder, Water, Blizzard.

Valefor's Initial Statistics
HP: 725 MP: 24
Strength: 18 Agility: 10
Defense: 23 Luck: 17
Magic: 21 Evasion: 19
Mag-Def: 23 Accuracy: 11



Description: Ifrit's got an incredibly high strength to start out with, but his defense and magic certainly leave something to be desired. Ifrit can also use any of his fire magic to heal himself.

Special Move: Meteor Strike

A non-elemental attack that's launched at a single enemy. Useful for penetrating Protect.

Overdrive: Hellfire

Ifrit will surround his enemies with a fiery mass that will eventually detonate for a massive amount of damage.

How to Break Damage Limit: Obtain and activate Wakka's legendary weapon, World Champion.

Ifrit's Location: Received in Kiliki Temple.

Ifrit's Initial Abilities: NulBlaze, NulFrost, Fire.

Ifrit's Initial Statistics
HP: 857 MP: 23
Strength: 19 Agility: 9
Defense: 29 Luck: 17
Magic: 21 Evasion: 10
Mag-Def: 21 Accuracy: 11



Description: An interesting Lightning-based Unicorn-esque Aeon, Ixion will prove to be quite helpful to your party, especially in early-game. His high defense and magic defense attributes will tend to be quite useful in boss battles.

Special Move: Aerospark

Ixion will fire razor-sharp discs that will collide with a single enemy, causing non-elemental damage. The attack also negates certain special magical effects such as Protect, Shell, Reflect and Haste.

Overdrive: Thor's Hammer

A storm will be cast from Ixion that will surround all of the enemies, which will then disintegrate. Lightning-based damage will be dealt to all enemies.

How to Break Damage Limit: Obtain and activate Kimahri's ultimate weapon, the Spirit Lance.

Ixion's Location: Received in Djose Temple.

Ixion's Initial Abilities: Thunder, Thundara, NulShock, NulTide.

Ixion's Initial Statistics
HP: 891 MP: 25
Strength: 20 Agility: 8
Defense: 26 Luck: 17
Magic: 20 Evasion: 11
Mag-Def: 29 Accuracy: 12



Description: Once again, the Ice Goddess Shiva returns to Final Fantasy as a summon. Shiva's real highlight is her extremely high agility; with even a moderate amount of luck, you should be able to get in some extra turns during the course of a battle. She'll lose HP quickly, though, so be use to remember to use those ice attacks on her to keep her safe.

Special Move: Heavenly Strike

Shiva will draw out an incredibly large block of ice and drop it down on a single enemy. The attack will deliver non-elemental damage and delay the enemy's next turn.

Overdrive: Diamond Dust

Shiva lays layer after layer of ice on top of the enemies, and then destroys it all with a single snap of her fingers.

How to Break Damage Limit: Obtain and activate Lulu's legendary weapon, the Onion Knight.

Shiva's Location: Received in Macalania Temple.

Shiva's Initial Abilities: Blizzard, Blizzara, NulBlaze, NulFrost.

Shiva's Initial Statistics
HP: 820 MP: 26
Strength: 19 Agility: 14
Defense: 17 Luck: 17
Magic: 23 Evasion: 32
Mag-Def: 24 Accuracy: 11



Description: The summoned dragon Bahamut returns once again to Final Fantasy. Bahamut delivers one of the most powerful attacks that any Aeon can offer, and comes with a handy Break Damage auto-ability, so you won't need to do anything to deal more than 9,999 damage.

Special Move: Impulse

Bahamut charges four balls of dark magic and tosses them, attacking all enemies. Tends to be quite useful when facing multiple enemies.

Overdrive: Mega Flare

Bahamut anchors himself down and releases a deadly breath attack that will defeat virtually anything, and will consistantly deal over 9,999 damage.

How to Break Damage Limit: Not needed. See Description and Strategy.

Bahamut's Location: Received in Palace of St. Bevelle.

Bahamut's Initial Abilities: Fire, Fira, Firaga, Thunder, Thundara, Thundaga, Water, Watera, Waterga, Blizzard, Blizzara, Blizzaga, Scan.

Bahamut's Initial Statistics
HP: 1210 MP: 35
Strength: 23 Agility: 10
Defense: 27 Luck: 17
Magic: 18 Evasion: 20
Mag-Def: 28 Accuracy: 11



Description: Yojimbo is basically Final Fantasy 10's answer to the old Odin-style summons; you'll have little control over him compared to other Aeons, but he's quite deadly.

Special Move: None

Overdrive: None

How to Break Damage Limit: Obtain and activate Auron's legendary weapon, the Masamune.

Yojimbo's Location: To get Yojimbo, travel to the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth near the northeast part of the Calm Lands. Defeat him in battle, then proceed to speak to him: you'll be able to negotiate a fee for his services. Choose "To defeat the most powerful of enemies" to start with the lowest asking price. The easiest (and most beneficial) way to "buy" Yojimbo is to offer triple his asking price. He'll join you, and you'll also recieve two Teleport Spheres.

Yojimbo's Initial Abilities: None.

Yojimbo's Initial Statistics
HP: 1030 MP: 0
Strength: 29 Agility: 9
Defense: 25 Luck: 17
Magic: 16 Evasion: 59
Mag-Def: 23 Accuracy: 19



Description: Anima is initially seen with Seymour, but later on in the game the party can acquire it.

Special Move: Pain

A bizarre and unique but very, very powerful attack. High chance of instant death.

Overdrive: Oblivion

Easily the most overdrive of all the Aeons in the game, Oblivion will deliver non-elemental damage on all enemies.

How to Break Damage Limit: Not needed.

Anima's Location: Return to Baaj temple from the airship, battle and defeat Geosgaeno, then enter the underwater temple. Locate all six of the hidden items in the Cloister of Trials in every temple, then approach every statue inside Anima's shrine.

Anima's Initial Abilities: Fire, Fira, Firaga, Thunder, Thundara, Thundaga, Water, Watera, Waterga, Blizzard, Blizzara, Blizzaga, Bio, Death, Sleep Attack, Silence Attack, Blind Attack, Sleep Buster, Blind Buster, Silence Buster, Zombie Attack.

Anima's Initial Statistics
HP: 1410 MP: 45
Strength: 33 Agility: 9
Defense: 26 Luck: 17
Magic: 22 Evasion: 20
Mag-Def: 23 Accuracy: 11


Description: The Magus Sisters trio originally made an appearance in Final Fantasy IV. To acquire them in Final Fantasy X, though, you'll need to undertake a certain sidequest. Like Yojimbo, you'll have little control over the Magus Sisters compared to your control over other Aeons.

Special Move: Camisade, Razzia, Passado

The sisters may perform one of their unique attacks when you select either "Do what you will" or "Go! Go!". Camisade shoots blades of fire, Razzia launches Sandy onto an enemy, and Passado will fire a burst of stingers at the enemies.

Overdrive: Delta Attack

When Cindy, Sandy and Mindy all are in overdrive mode, a new command ("Combine Powers!") will appear. The sisters will join as one and perform what is quite possibly the most deadly overdrive in the game

How to Break Damage Limit: Not needed.

Magus Sisters' Location: Capture all of the enemies in the Mt. Gagazet area and return to the monster arena. You'll recieve the Blossom Crown. Acquire all of the other Aeons (including Yojimbo and Anima), then return to Remiem Temple. Challenge Belgemine' versions of your Aeons. If you defeat all of them up to Bahamut, you'll recieve the Flower Scepter. Defeat Yojimbo and Anima, then move to the door in towards the back and open it with these two key items.

Magus Sisters' Initial Abilities: None.



Sandy's Initial Statistics
HP: 1790 MP: 35
Strength: 42 Agility: 10
Defense: 26 Luck: 17
Magic: 24 Evasion: 17
Mag-Def: 28 Accuracy: 13



Cindy's Initial Statistics
HP: 2190 MP: 46
Strength: 28 Agility: 10
Defense: 32 Luck: 17
Magic: 21 Evasion: 20
Mag-Def: 28 Accuracy: 11



Mindy's Initial Statistics
HP: 1237 MP: 58
Strength: 23 Agility: 12
Defense: 24 Luck: 17
Magic: 28 Evasion: 23
Mag-Def: 28 Accuracy: 12

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